Spouting Products

A select product group designed to complement Calder Stewart profiles.

Our Product Range

Quad Spouting

Traditional Look
Exhibiting a traditional D shape design, Quad Spouting is also known as ¼ round. Available in two sizes, 125mm and 150mm, it comes with several unique bracket options as well. NOTE: 150mm is only…

Klassic Spouting

On-site ease
This profile, with its special features, can be installed onto either Paltec or F180 fascia systems with concealed spouting brackets, if you so choose.* Klassic Spouting can also be roll formed on-site. Please note:…

Hi Line Spouting

Industrial Style
Exhibiting an industrial look and feel, Hi Line Spouting has a unique high front which allows for wind and visual protection at the end of the roof cladding installations. Hi Line is ideally suited…

1/2 Round Spouting

Compliments a Majority of Profiles
Stylish and elegant, Calder Stewart's ½ Round Spouting comes in three sizes and is available in a wide range of materials. This popular spouting profile can be found in a number of award winning…

A Unique Product Range With New Zealander’s In Mind

Calder Stewart Roofing offer a wide range of products specifically designed for New Zealand’s rugged environment. Coming from the deep south our products have being tested & developed in some of the wettest & windiest parts of the country.

Our products have endured harsh alpine conditions, extreme temperatures and a destructive native parrot known as the Kea. All of this has being a key part of the learning process in developing a full range of products designed to meet the needs of all New Zealanders, whether that be at home, on the farm, the ski lodge or the or a plush architectural retreat.

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