Roofing and Cladding

Our high performance profiles, designed specifically for New Zealand settings, are the result of years of ongoing product development.

Our Product Range


A Popular New Zealand Roofing & Cladding Choice
From traditional to contemporary, Calder Stewart Roofing’s corrugate profile can complement most designs. Versatile as both a roofing and cladding profile – Corrugate has been used by architects…

Hi Five

A Rugged Profile with Modern Looks
Offering a bold modern look, Calder Stewart Hi Five allows you to maximise roofing and cladding efficiencies in your building designs. Supporting wide purlin spacing and performing well…

Six Rib

Lower Rib Height
Offering clean lines and a strong visual appeal, Six Rib is ideally suited for cladding applications down to 4 degrees. Six Rib distinguishes itself with its lower rib…

V8 / V6

A Versatile Well Balanced Profile
As a dual profile, Calder Stewart’s V6 / V8 offers strong yet well balanced looks that will compliment most designs. This roofing and cladding profile has traditionally been…

Mega 5

A High Performance Profile
When commercial building design incorporates low pitches and large purlin spacing, Mega 5 is the profile to fit. At an impressive 51mm rib height Mega 5 offers one…


A Unique Power Generating Profile
Solar Rib® is New Zealand’s only roofing profile that is specifically designed to generate electric power through the use of Photo-Voltaic Laminate (PVL) solar panel technology. An attractive…

Euro-Tray® Family

A New Zealand Inspired Profile
Our Euro-Tray® family of profiles, first introduced to New Zealand in the early 1990’s, have consistently been chosen by architects where a seamless design and a sophisticated finish…

Heritage Tray™

Genuine Savings
Evolving from the already popular and stylish Euro-Tray® family of profiles, Heritage Tray™ markets itself as an elegant, economical and flexible roofing profile. Heritage Tray™ requires no additional…


Simplicity at its Best
When simplicity in cladding is sought, Calder Stewart's Easi-Clad product line is often requested by choice. Offered in three distinct styles - Sidings, Weatherboard or Verticlad - (see…


Original Trough Section
Slim lines with a bold look, Mini-Dek roofing tray offers an attractive solution for low pitched roofs with its unique trough design footprint. The profile features clean lines…


A Unique Audio & Fire Performance Treatment
Audio-Perf® is a perforated ceiling system for commercial applications. Audio-Perf® is manufactured from perforated metal coil roll-formed into a wide range of profiles. Developed for large and medium…

Unrivalled New Zealand Roofing

Calder Stewart Roofing; a company that has withstood the tests of mother nature and father time.

A Unique Product Range With New Zealander’s In Mind

Calder Stewart Roofing offer a wide range of products specifically designed for New Zealand’s rugged environment. Coming from the deep south our products have being tested & developed in some of the wettest & windiest parts of the country.

Our products have endured harsh alpine conditions, extreme temperatures and a destructive native parrot known as the Kea. All of this has being a key part of the learning process in developing a full range of products designed to meet the needs of all New Zealanders, whether that be at home, on the farm, the ski lodge or the or a plush architectural retreat.

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