Fascia Products

Both Paltec Fascia and F180 offer distinctive metallic alternatives to conventional wood treatments.

Our Product Range

Paltec Fascia

Discrete Appearance
Calder Stewart’s Paltec Fascia has withstood the test of time. Originally released in the mid 1990’s, this steel based product with a face height of 165mm and a sole of 52mm provides a discrete…

F180 Fascia

A Versatile Fascia Product
F180 long-run fascia is a versatile product. Manufactured from steel based substrate materials with a face height of 180mm and 35mm across the sole, F180 is suitable for most roofing profiles. NOTE: Calder Stewart…

A Unique Product Range With New Zealander’s In Mind

Calder Stewart Roofing offer a wide range of products specifically designed for New Zealand’s rugged environment. Coming from the deep south our products have being tested & developed in some of the wettest & windiest parts of the country.

Our products have endured harsh alpine conditions, extreme temperatures and a destructive native parrot known as the Kea. All of this has being a key part of the learning process in developing a full range of products designed to meet the needs of all New Zealanders, whether that be at home, on the farm, the ski lodge or the or a plush architectural retreat.

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