Curved Roofing

Our Product Range

Crimp Curving

Fabricated to specification
A favourite architectural design option, crimp curving can lead to distinctively different designs and design options. Crimp curving promotes ‘smooth looks’ by eliminating the need for a ridge flashing and potential change in…

Bull Nosing

Fabricated to specification
Achieve an old style look with a modern twist. Bull Nosing is a great way to explore design options in a given building project. It is commonly used on villas to achieve an…

Euro-Tray® Convex Curving

Add a Twist to Our Popular Profile Family
To add a little extra class to the European look of Calder Stewart Euro-Tray®, convex curving can be applied to three of the family`s profiles, Double Standing, Angle and Roll Seam.

A Unique Product Range With New Zealander’s In Mind

Calder Stewart Roofing offer a wide range of products specifically designed for New Zealand’s rugged environment. Coming from the deep south our products have being tested & developed in some of the wettest & windiest parts of the country.

Our products have endured harsh alpine conditions, extreme temperatures and a destructive native parrot known as the Kea. All of this has being a key part of the learning process in developing a full range of products designed to meet the needs of all New Zealanders, whether that be at home, on the farm, the ski lodge or the or a plush architectural retreat.

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