Technical Literature Series

This section provides technical literature regarding the use of Calder Stewart Roofing & Cladding Products - available for download in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format. This series is broken into six sections:

Profile Specifications

Section 1 - General Information

Includes Calder Stewart Roofing's contact information and office locations, additional information about Calder Stewart Roofing's Audio-Perf® options on certain profiles, a glossary of commonly used terms and useful calculation information.

Technical Literature - Section 1 - General Information.pdf, 2.6 MB 

Section 2 - Metal Roof Profile Selections

Includes a condensed overview of Calder Stewart's profile selections and pertinent links for relevant information found on Calder Stewart Roofing's website.

Technical Literature - Section 2 - Metal Roof Profile Selections.pdf3.1 MB

Section 3 - Material Selection

A compendium of relevant information related to material selection. Includes a breakdown of all materials available, materials selection based on atmospheric zone, colour and gloss selection, warranty & maintenance and whole life costing and sustainability.

Technical Literature - Section 3 - Material Selection.pdf3.1 MB

Section 4 - Design & Installation Information

Includes design and installation information related to water intrusion, recommended spans, supporting members, fixings, durability, thermal expansion, lapping, fire performance, insulation, underlay, flashing dimensions, roof valleys and gutter design, ridging & hip design, apron flashings, barge flashings, penetrations and overall fitting criteria.

Technical Literature - Section 4 - Design & Installation Information.pdf, 4.4 MB

Section 5 - Roofing Systems

Overview of metal roofing systems including information on fasteners, screws, sealant, building underlay, plywood installation, insulation and fire performance.

Technical Literature - Section 5 - Roofing Systems.pdf, 3 MB

Section 6 - Rainwater Goods

Overview of rainwater goods including information on design, snow and wind loading, catchment capacity, spouting systems available, rainwater heads, downpipes, maintenance, metal fascia systems and mounting brackets.

Technical Literature - Section 6 - Rainwater Goods.pdf, 4.8MB

Section 7 - Oil Canning

Section 8 - NZMRM Code of Practice


Two iconic roofing brands coming together

Two of New Zealand’s leading roofing companies, Calder Stewart Roofing and Dimond Industries will come together under the new name of DIMOND ROOFING.

We have created the new brand to represent the best parts of two iconic roll-forming brands that have existed in New Zealand for many years. Dimond Roofing is now the largest roll-former of long run roofing material in New Zealand, with sites from Invercargill to Whangarei.


Technical Literature

Our high performance profiles, designed specifically for New Zealand settings, are the result of years of ongoing product development.


Code of Practice

Our high performance profiles, designed specifically for New Zealand settings, are the result of years of ongoing product development.


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