Invercargill Velodrome

The home of NZ indoor cycling for over a decade, The Invercargill Velodrome is an impressive project on a very large scale.  

A High Performance Profile


Project Detail

Opened May 26th 2006 by Prime Minister Helen Clark to seat 1050 spectators the job took 57 weeks to complete and since then has hosted regional and national competitions as well as Commonwealth Games qualifiers.

The vital component of the build is the racetrack itself, any moisture on the surface could spell disaster for those on the track and we all know how much it rains in Invercargill.

To protect such an asset, and to provide a cost effective roofing solution Mega5 from Calder Stewart Roofing was selected.

When commercial building design incorporates low pitches and large purlin spacing, Mega 5 is the profile of choice for architects & engineers. At an impressive 51mm rib height, Mega 5 offers one of the tallest profiles available in New Zealand. When performance is key the strength of this profile out performs others which is why it has being used on so many high profile industrial & commercial projects. 

Project facts

  • Built for a cost of approx. 11 million dollars.
  • 8,530 mtrs of 0.55 Mega 5 installed @ 5.55Kg/mtr equates to 47,342 tonnes
  • Longest Sheet Length =18.680mtr close to 104Kgs in weight
  • 2,057 mtrs of Twin Skin Alysinite clear Roofing  
  • Ridge length approx. 125.000mtrs long
  • On the end sections the Mega 5 drapes both vertically and horizontally
  • 25,000 - 14g x 100mm Screws, profile and EPDM (washers used for roof only)
  • 2,430 mtrs of horizontal Hi Five wall cladding
  • 200 mtr of “one piece” curved vented base flashing and 193mtr of straight vented base flashing each section 4.100mtrs long

Product Documents

Mega 5 Product Sheet

Adobe Acrobat PDF file, 903 KB
15 March 2016


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