Environment & Sustainability

“Calder Stewart’s commitment to the environment began by setting a leading example of what a responsible builder & supplier can and should be.”

Calder Stewart Industries

Carbon Neutrality

Long before it was a catchword, Calder Stewart Industries recognised the value and importance of strategic resourcing & carbon neutral operations. For more than a generation it has grown and maintained an extensive network of regional forest plantations, which today absorb over 70,000 tons of carbon a year - along with bringing a significant harvest of timber to market annually. Assessed from an overall operations perspective, its carbon absorption footprint exceeds that of its carbon emissions.


Calder Stewart’s recently completed headquarters, located in rural Milton, was designed and built to showcase its progressive long-term vision of sustainability and its low-footprint, environmentally-friendly strategy for expansion. To support sustainability, the building uses state-of-the-art technologies, including a solar water heating array, low E2 double glazing, passive ventilation system, low voltage lighting and locally sourced wool for insulation.

Recycling & Waste Elimination

Calder Stewart maintains a strong commitment to recycling in its operations. Scrap and waste on construction sites is now processed through a consistent policy of using separated recycling bins. For its concrete work and operations, rock as well as older concrete has in certain circumstances been crushed on-site and reconstituted to meet various building requirements. Calder Stewart also practices a unique detailing and procurement process whereby building materials are calculated and purchased in an effort to eliminate waste.

Supply & Supplier Management

Calder Stewart Industries uses only legally sourced timber supply from responsibly managed forests. Where possible, we obtain our timber raw materials from suppliers that are FSC Certified. We also purchase reinforcing steel from suppliers that are committed to recycling. Additionally, our distribution division places a strong emphasis on efficient freight management to optimise full loads and to minimize the number of deliveries to site.

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